What releases does the HFE-1 work with?

Currently only the Onnex releases, but other releases will get some love soon.

Can it be configured for left or right handedness?

Yes! Simply swap the barrel to the other side of the lever. More barrel options are coming.

Where was this made?

All parts were machined and assembled in the USA.

Can you ship internationally?

Currently shipping is USA only, but we’re working on upgrading.

What does shipping cost?

We currently offer $7 flat rate shipping to the US for up to three releases per order.

Is the barrel sold separately?

Just as a kit for now.

Did you know? 

Your Onnex can mimic the thumb ergonomics of a Carter release. Relocate the barrel to the lower slider area for a different feel.
Screw Thread Tip

It's good practice to always thread screws by starting counter clockwise a turn or two, then clockwise. This "sets" the threads and keeps them from stripping. Good practice for any threads you encounter.